Monday, April 11, 2011

Healthy as a ?

If I was sick as a dog, I guess I'm as healthy as a horse. A horse with spring pollen allergies, anyway. 

Now that I can smell again, I'm surprised and delighted at how great it is to be able to smell yarn!  I opened up one of my big stash boxes this morning, and after the aroma wafted up to my nose, I took a deep sniff.  It was great to smell the coffee, and the hyacinths in the yard, but truth be told, the yarn was the big thrill for me. 

I'm off the heavy cold medications, and down to antihistamines.  This means I can knit again!  Knitting on cold meds was like trying to knit drunk (or at least how I think that would be.)  Designing on cold meds wasn't too bad, though.  I like the sketches.  I don't understand most of the notes I wrote to myself in the margins, but that's okay.  (What happens to your brain when your sinuses are plugged and you take a bunch of cold pills?  Strange stuff...)  At least I have the sketches. 

I need to write and edit my brains out this week to get through this draft of the book project, and then life can return to normal.  I'll knit in the natural breaks between writing.  And I'll try to squeeze in laundry (it's way overdue) and groceries, too.  There are no deadlines on running the household, so these things have been falling by the wayside as I congestedly staggered through writing for these last 10 days.   Luckily the weather has broken, so even though I'm out of jeans, I can switch to shorts.  The groceries are becoming a priority, though.  A woman cannot live on cereal and coffee alone. 

I need a staff - people to take care of this stuff while I work.  Any volunteers?

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