Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sick as a Dog

I don't understand why they say "sick as a dog" when someone is really sick, but I'm really sick so I guess I'm the dog thing.  I'm looking over at my dog, and he looks perfectly happy.  Whatever.

I've received another shipment from Cascade for the mitten project, and it is beautiful.  This is round three, and the sample knitters are doing a terrific job.  I can't wait to see the rest of the finished products. 

I'm working on samples of my own, as well as designing and writing.  We'll see how cold medication and a fever effects the writing and design processes - if things look a bit psychedelic in a few days when I'm feeling better, I may have some re-work to do.  I've tried to knit in this condition, and it's not going well.  I've knit the same 4 rows three times.  I gave up.  I finished design work on a pair of modern Fair Isle mittens last night, and I think they're really cool.  Again, post fever may be a different story.

Anyway, it felt strange not to be blogging for a few days, so I'm here.  It might be a few more days before the next post.  I'll be slamming TheraFlu and sleeping until this cold/flu is gone.  I hope you're feeling well.  We'll talk soon.

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