Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buffalo TKGA Auction

The Buffalo Knitting Guild of America chapter held its monthly meeting in the form of their annual yarn auction this week.  It was my first visit, and I had a wonderful time.  Nice people!

It was held in the community room at a local temple, and there were easily 150 members in attendance.  125 yarn lots were sold, for literally pennies on the dollar.  What a bargain!  The auctioneer, Sharon Gerstman, did an entertaining and efficient job of keeping things moving along, which was appreciated by all.

What did I buy?  Well, I didn't buy yarn.  I have a stash that dwarfs my couch at this point, and it seems excessive to add to it when I have so many projects backed up.

That didn't keep me from shopping, though.  I bought pattern booklets, books, and magazines.  13 to be exact. For $9.25.  I know.  All I want to do is dive in head first reading all the articles, and deciphering construction techniques!  (I know, my nerd is showing!  I can't help it.)  There are so many articles and patterns to learn from - it's why I love this craft so much.  The learning curve is infinite.

(This pic is the auction haul plus a few magazines I picked up at the Hub Mills store at Classic Elite on Tuesday.)

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