Friday, May 20, 2011

Freebie Friday - Surprise!

This week's freebie comes from Cherry Tree Hill Yarns, and it's not your standard late-spring fare:  Gloves!

Ok, hear me out.  First of all, many of my readers are from the Southern Hemisphere, so it's fall for them.  Second, in the summer, we want light, small, portable projects.  A whole lap full of wool is tough to take on a hot and sunny afternoon.  Third, they're made on TWO NEEDLES!  I know, right?  Thanks to Discounted Brand Name Yarns for making this PDF available free of charge.

Make these stocking stuffers now, and cross one recipient off your list.  Or make a few pair, and spend this fall baking apple pies and carving pumpkins instead of frantically knitting your gift list items.  Nobody will associate the knitting now with a gift they'll receive in six months.  Even if the recipient sees them now, you're golden!  Lie!  They'll forget by Christmas/Hanukkah.

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