Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going Nuts

Well, I submitted a pattern to Knitty on March 30th for the "Early Fall" "Deep Fall" dates, and I still haven't heard a thing.  I've checked the forums, and lots of folks have received their rejections.  A couple have received acceptances.  I haven't gotten even a maybe.  Is it worse to receive your rejection late?  Yes, it is.  If I'm going to be disappointed, I'd like to do it before spending weeks ripping my hair out.  Just saying.  Bald isn't my best look.

A big chunk of the book went off to the publisher 10 days ago, and I'm waiting to hear what they think.  More stress!  This pattern writing gig is a strange job.  Lots of work.  Lots of meetings and negotiations, lots of math, lots of swatches.  And after all the work, I sit around waiting for news and approval from the publishers.

I like my work.  Creating patterns and sharing them with my students and readers is very fulfilling.  This sitting by the phone/email is not so fulfilling.  Until the day the phone rings, and they say they've accepted a submission.  Then it's like winning the lottery!  If I win, I'll let you know.  And it's addictive.  One acceptance leads to the desire to have two.  Habit forming.  I need a twelve step program.  Soon.

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