Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn as Food

My son is in the hospital, and hasn't been able to eat for a few days.  In the long hours of staring at hospital walls waiting for news, I've been knitting, and thinking strange thoughts.

If I hadn't eaten in days, everything would look like food.  I'm knitting with some lettuce green bison/cashmere right now, and it could easily look like my ruffley scarf is salad.  I also have some creamy Cascade Eco with me, all balled up.  Yup, I'm thinking vanilla ice cream.  If I drizzled a little of the chocolate cashmere, and topped it with a meringue of white mohair and a red button it would be a hot fudge sundae.

It's silly, I understand, but it brings up some excellent design possibilities.  I love to cook, and I love to eat new and interesting foods.  If I were to design in textures and colors that matched the foods in a meal, that would be SO cool!  A burger with all the fixings could be interesting, maybe with brown boucle yarn for the burger, and a simple tan wool for the bun.  Add accents of silky red (ketchup) and yellow (mustard), and a dash of green cotton(pickle), and it's a meal!  Or maybe the parts of Chinese broccoli lo mien?  Thanksgiving dinner?  Breakfast with bacon, eggs and toast?  Possibilities abound!

There are some colors that wouldn't be represented much because they occur infrequently in food, like purples and blues, so it's not a theory without flaws.  Inspiration comes from funny places, though.  Maybe the window of the candy store, or the gift shop, or even a car dealership will spark an idea.  For today, it will definitely not be coming from the hospital food.

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