Monday, April 2, 2012

Autism Awareness - Cascade Yarns' "David's Hat"

My daughter has Asperger's Syndrome, which is a high-functioning type of Autism.  (I know, some kids have CD collections...)  In general, she's pretty cool, and pretty happy.  She's not a fan of touching, or most sounds, or interacting with people for extended periods of time.  She loves books, electronics, and cats.

When she learned she had Asperger's, she was surprised to hear it's considered a disability.  I tried to explain that not everybody processes information the way she does, and that it might explain why people, from her perspective, behave so strangely.  "So if I didn't have this, I'd act like everybody else?"  I considered.  "Well, more like everybody else."  She frowned.  "I'm glad I have this, then.  I want to be like myself!"

Over the years, her Asperger's has brought many unique perspectives to our home life.  "It doesn't seem like cooperation of only one person gets what they want."  "TV is easier than people, because the soundtrack tells you what they're thinking."  She doesn't understand many idioms, and was appalled when I mentioned a TV character doesn't hold a candle to her.  "Well of course not!  Why would you want to do that to a person?"

For everyone who loves and supports someone with Autism, the joyfully-colored logo for Autism Awareness makes sense.  It's not always fun, or gloomy, or confusing.  It's a whole rainbow of experiences (sometimes within a couple of minutes!)  It's tough to be or to love a person with Autism, and yet uniquely rewarding. 

If Autism hasn't touched your life yet, cool.  If it has, you're probably learning that you're stronger than you ever thought.  As knitters, we often express ourselves with "sticks and string".  This free hat pattern from Cascade Yarns is one of those times.  It's for the Cascade blogger's son, David, and I love it.  My daughter won't wear knitted hats (they feel funny), but I'll make this one for me and wear it with pride.  Thanks, Cascade, for sharing it with us.  David's Cabled Hat

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