Monday, April 30, 2012

Club Feedback Wanted!

Okay, so I'm getting very close to opening the Gift Knit Kit Club for the 2nd edition.  I've heard from a couple of warm weather members, and one indicated they don't have much need for the warm clothing, and one indicated that they love it and give it to relatives in colder climates. 

Please send me your feedback here, Facebook, Twitter, or my email, and send it soon!   I definitely want to create the club you want to join.  If that means 50/50 warm and cool weather accessories, so be it.  The proposed schedule is in the post below, and I need to open the club soon so I can start ordering yarns, etc...  Thanks!

1 comment:

f1bercat said...

I have more use for warm weather items, as almost all of my family lives in Calif or Ariz. However, I do have some in NJ and WI and if I don't have someone specific, I just love learning the new techniques.