Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Father's Day Freebie - Knit Ahead Vest

Sidelines Vest by Creative Knitting

This sweater vest is ageless and charming.  Originally made in Berroco Peruvia, and published by Creative Knitting Magazine, it can be knit in any worsted weight yarn making it a go-to vest for any climate.  It's shown knit with lots of positive ease, maybe 6 inches worth, which is also a choice you can manipulate to your own taste.  If this were knit in a soft yellow in cotton, I could see it going to the country club for dinner.  If it were in its current color and more fitted, it could go to the office.  If your man has a flair for fashion, try a more fitted amount of ease and a turquoise shade in a wool/cotton blend.  If you start now, it's sure to be ready for Father's Day!


siuline said...

what a lovely vest!

Anonymous said...

It beautiful, How do I learn to make it ?