Friday, April 20, 2012

I Don't Get It

Exhibit A
I've had a very strange week, and haven't been able to focus on knitting the way I like.  Instead, knitting and I have had furtive moments in the car, in bed, on line, and at the doctor's.  No long evenings working on a project.  It's not the knitterly life I aim for.

Exhibit B
On top of the not-enough-knitting, I had a nasty stomach bug, which isn't good for my attitude.  It led me to a different perspective on knitting - I found myself re-designing knitwear I saw on the street and in magazines.  I got snarky about it.  Just because something can be done doesn't mean it should, and it is as true in knitting as anywhere.  I noticed an unsettling trend toward enormously oversized items.  Look at Exhibit A.  Look at the size of that!  It's a tote bag, not a hat!  I really do get the concept of haute couture being a highly artistic interpretation of a reality.  It should be inspiring.  I just think it should inspire you to do more than fix it.

Exhibit B is no prize, either.  It seems like somebody stuck the pieces of this kitty condo to this poor woman's sweater.  Why?  Are they protective gear for some odd futuristic sport?
Exhibit C

Exhibit C is from Yves St Laurent.  This clothing line will undoubtedly survive this tragic misstep, but it would tank a new designer.  I have no doubt this model is a lovely, shapely girl, and this sweater hides it masterfully.  And if that wasn't enough, adding hip pockets definitely is not amping up the style quotient.  We all have our dumpling shaped clothes, or at least I hope we do.  They're cozy.  But they're not attractive. This sweater reminds me of a Snuggy, except not machine washable.  Very sad.

Exhibit D
This last one I almost understand.  There are so many wonderful Gansey-style textures at play here, it must have been brutal to try to edit it down to a reasonable size.  I can see wanting to make it into a blanket, but then thinking, "Well, I can't really wear a blanket, so maybe I can make it into a sweater."  Just because something can be done doesn't mean it should.  Garments like these give knitting a bad name.  Worse than reinforcing all knitting is Granny=frumpy, these garments reinforce the notion that knitting is uncool. 

I said I felt snarky.  That's what I get for not knitting much this week.  I'll cheer up...


f1bercat said...

LOL! I saw just the hat in my blog feed, and thought you had gone crazy or something for a minute. Yes, just because it CAN be knitted, doesn't mean it should. I have had the flu this week also, not stomach, but it still is horrible. Get Well Soon!

Debra P said...

Sorry you are not feeling well. I'm just having some hotflashes. It was a lovely warm day here and I just wanted to be cooler. Those designs are the type that made me decide my designs would never make it on to a runway. Hee hee. They make even the skinniess woman look fat. Arggh

siuline said...

wow! wonderful!