Friday, April 27, 2012

Gift Knits Kits, 2nd edition

The Gift Knit Kit Club has been a huge success, and I have loved it more than I could imagine.  All the feedback from the knitters and all the pictures of the finished products have been a blast!  Naturally, I have to do it again.

If you're not familiar with the club, here is how it works: members receive a kit in the mail every month.  The patterns are beautiful, and knit up quickly.  The finished products will look like you worked much harder than you did!  In each kit is a pattern for an accessory, instructions, and premium yarn.  Each pattern is an original design of mine, offered to club members at least three months before it is made available to the general public.  Since each yarn is paired with the pattern by the designer (me), your results are going to look like the photo in the pattern when you follow the instructions.  Everybody has a variety of occasions where they need to give a gift, and spacing out the work through the year makes it much less daunting.  You can save them all up for the holidays, or plan a recipient for each one.  (You can also keep them for yourself!  I'll never tell!)

Right now, I'm thinking July - December should be mostly cozier knits.  The lighter weight projects were well received, but the snuggly stuff generated the best feedback.  The tentative schedule for the 2nd edition looks like this:

July: Easy Lacey Ladies Socks
August: Coveted Mittens (Ladies)
September: Warming William Hat (men's)
October:  Nordic Socks (men's or women's)
November:  Alpine Heirloom Mittens (men's or women's)
December:  Alpine Heirloom Ski Cap (men's or women's) [Will coordinate with November project]

Feedback, please!  If you were a club member, would this list work for you?  If you could build the perfect kit project, what would it include?  Is there a particular kind of yarn or project you want to try?  Let me know!


f1bercat said...

you can probably guess that I am IN for the club again. I have never made mittens, never done color work.... Push me! I can't wait.

Sharon said...

loved the gloves - they were so much easier than I thought they would be! and only took a week to do both! nbut here in florida we don't need much of the warm stuff :(