Monday, March 28, 2011

Can't Stop Falling In Love

I know it has happened to every one of us: you see a fiber, and it's beautiful.  You want to get to know it a little better, but you're afraid it might not feel as good as it looks.  Plus, it's probably really expensive and full of itself.

You muster up the courage, and wear your heart on your sleeve.  You pick it up.  It's soft!  And perfect!  You turn the label looking for the price, hoping your dream of a life with this yarn won't be dashed, and YES!  It's in your price range!  Check the, it isn't one of those 64 yard skeins, it's a regular, decent sized hank.  It's love!

You and your new love go home together.  You want to make every project in your queue out of it, from socks to sweaters to that gorgeous bikini from Vogue.  You seriously consider upholstering your furniture in your new fascination. 

The two of you set a date, and you dive into a project.  It works.  It's wonderful.  You call the LYS and order the yarn in every colorway they make.  And on the day you go to the LYS to pick up your new, marvelous haul, you meet a new fiber.  It starts all over again.  You bring them both home. 

Are you fickle?  Crazy?  A yarn slut?  (Well, maybe this last one, but in the nicest possible way.)  No, you're a fiber addict.  And so am I.  Thank heaven there is no 12 step program for us!  This weekend alone I fell head over heels in love with three separate yarns.  I'm trying to give them all equal time, and am designing projects for each of them to celebrate our new relationship.  My new BFFs (and a taste of their colorways) are:

Cascade Luna - Peruvian Cotton, colors like you've always wished for, soft and crazy strong.  The finish is a little matte, and a little shine.  Worsted weight.  Woo hoo!

Cascade Epiphany - Royal alpaca, cashmere, and silk.  Touch it, and you'll want to be alone with it.  Don't share.  Let other people buy their own.  Light worsted.  Beautiful soft hand.  Very warm for its weight.  Thank you, Cascade.  I will name my next child after you.

Cascade Kid Seta - Mohair, silk and a touch of wool.  Usually I don't love mohair because I'm not good with shedding.  Honestly, this yarn is ridiculously well behaved and super soft.  Its loft is not easily crushed.  The colors run the gamut of the seasons.  The silk keeps it strong, and gives nice workability. 

Okay, enough with the blogging.  I have guests.  I need to get back to them.  We'll talk soon.

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