Friday, March 18, 2011

Freebie Friday Yosemite Pullover

Here in Buffalo it's been in the 50's for days.  The thaw even caused a flood in my basement!  (Don't worry - the stash is safe!)  The birds are busy nest building and singing up a storm.  It's time to throw a winter's worth of biodegradable yarn scraps on the yard and let the birds decorate with it.  I love seeing little flashes of color on the edges of a  nest!  And I like to think the chicks are just a little cozier with my alpaca scraps around them.

On these in between days with the funny almost-a-coat-but-not-quite weather, I'm always looking for the right sweater.  Cotton sweaters are great over a tee or a tank, or under a jacket or windbreaker.  This one from is a perfect fit for today. 

Yosemite Pullover

Take a look.  It's available in sizes XS to 2x.  Though the original yarn is discontinued, Cascade Pima Silk is an ideal substitute.  Enjoy!~

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