Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Great Joy

The truth is:  I love to teach.  I love it!  It's my favorite thing.  And to teach knitting classes makes it all sublime.  Students are creative, talented, interesting, engaging, friendly...  No two classes are ever the same.  This weekend I taught in a charming town in North Jersey, Ridgewood.  The classes drew students from up to an hour away, and it was an eclectic mix of women.

Unpacking all my stuff, handing out note packets, teaching and discussing, and then packing it all up again all goes by too quickly.  Have you ever noticed how rare it is to meet an unpleasant knitter?  And so, there are always happy and willing hands to help pack and unpack.  All the students help each other.  Strangers become friends in minutes.  I know why I go to knitting conferences and festivals.  What I don't know is why everybody else doesn't.

This weekend, one of these lovely, friendly souls asked me,"Do you have a Ravelry Fan Page?"  I looked around to make sure she meant me.

"Um, no, because I don't think I have any fans!"  I laughed and blushed.  Well, now I'm truly humbled, because she went on and founded one for me!  She calls it the Knitting With Karma Group, named after this blog.  If you're so inclined, join it, and post/link photos of your finished projects.  I'd love to see you what you've made! 

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