Monday, October 17, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 1 - toys

Over a glass of red wine, some pretzels, and some red pepper hummus, I started scanning the 'net for the perfect holiday gifts for family, friends, and readers.  (I recommend this combo to those looking for a new snacking fave, but I digress.) 

For those who like their gifts well known and identifiable, consider the following: 

Looks like Grommit from the Wallace and Grommit movies.  He's the only knitting dog I know of...  Click here

Or for Dilbert fans, CatbertDogbert?

How many on your gift list are obsessed with Angry Birds?  Try this.

Then again, there are the animal lovers in the group.  Some of my favorites include:  Hedgehog


Polar Bear 

Or for the electronics-obsessed?  Laptop

Surveillance Camera

Dessert fans? Whoopee Pie
Doughnuts                                                        Cupcakes

Or sports fans?    Baseball          Football         Soccer

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