Sunday, October 23, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 5 - Hats

Hats are hugely popular gifts, and make great holiday surprises as well as winter necessities.  Whichever is your need to knit a hat, here are some of the fabulous hats you might want to knit this season.

P Chullo
Chullos are South American staples, worn both in the mountains and in the desert (it gets very cold there at night!) and knit tightly enough to be moderately windproof.  No size 1 needles are needed here, though.  This hat has traditional motifs, but is knit to a larger gauge than the originals. 
Kami Hat
The slouchy skater and snowboarder hat grows up in a slightly sophisticated cap called the Kami Hat, which promises to never give you hat head.  I can't verify the truth of this claim, but it's a really cute hat, so it's worth a try!

The Bus Hat is a more teen-friendly simple cap.  I love this pattern because it can be knit straight up, or you can add simple horizontal stripes, or change out the yarn...  The essential character of the cap will remain the same, and yet knitting for siblings, you don't have to make absolute twin hats.
Bus Hat

Molly Beret
The Molly Beret is the best of two worlds of hats: it's a really cute beret, and it takes advantage of the "big cables" look of the season.  It knits up fast on big needles (US 7!) and fat worsted weight yarn.  Fast and fashionable... Throw in some chocolate and it's absolutely perfect!
Tam of America
The Tam of America is patriotic, trendy, and red white and blue.  The top looks like the Captain America shield, which makes it great for comic book fans.  There are stars along the sides, too!  Get your American fix with this adorable beret, good for any age group.
Glad Plaid
Blue and White Cap

These two colorwork hats couldn't be more different - slouchy and snug, brimmed and not, pom pommed and smooth... And yet they're both bringing the warmth of stranded colorwork to a joyful cap to be warn by young and old alike.  Change up the colorways, and you can make either of these patterns coordinate with your favorite outerwear.  Change the fiber to make them warmer or lighter to suit the winter weather near you!

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