Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rapid Fire Design

Last season's "Girlfriend Socks"
I've been working like a fiend on designs these last few days.  Usually a deadline imposed by a yarn manufacturer is at least a few weeks out, sometimes even a couple of months out.  This week I recieved yarn on Thursday, and delivered a completed pattern and completed sample on Tuesday.  And then, because I'm crazy, I accepted more yarn, and promised two more patterns for Thursday.  I finished one pattern and sample, and one pattern, but didn't finish the second sample.  I realized that even staying up most of the night won't do it, so I had to ask for more time.

Three patterns in 6 days is pretty fast, and yet I'm feeling a little down.  I set a goal for myself, and I missed it.  (Kind of like the 10 pounds I was going to lose two years ago...)  The good news is I really like these designs!  My eldest child insists that she's at her most creative when she's under serious time constraints.  I've always had my doubts.  There is something to it, though.  Designing on adrenaline is a unique experience.  It's not going to become a habit (if I can help it) but it's good to know I can handle it.  I'm sorry I can't share the designs here, but the yarn manufacturer (Holiday Yarns) will have them available soon enough. 

Which brings us to the "Super Secret Sock Design Project".  Socks are there own universe, far different from my usual mittens, blankets and children's clothes.  They're also addictive, as any sock knitter will tell you.  There's very little as lovely as slipping on a pair of hand knitted socks that fit you perfectly.  It's a cool opportunity to make sock pattens to share! The yarns are inspiring, and I can't wait to see where this project takes me. 


Nancy said...

Okay, I'm coveting your Girlfriend Socks. I love the heel design! Where can I find your pattern?

Liz Marino said...

I'll post it over the weekend. I don't have it written up right now. Thanks for the compliment!

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