Friday, October 7, 2011

"Nashua Handknits", We Barely Knew Ye

The whole Nashua Handknits line has been discontinued by Westminster Fibers/Coats and Clark.  I know, it rots, but this isn't that unusual in yarn land.  It's a fickle market.  As much as I will miss the line in general, I will miss one yarn in particular. 

It is a sad thing to report that Julia (25% Mohair, 25% Alpaca, and 50% Wool) is nearly history.  A lovely soft yarn in delightful brights with excellent warmth and good halo, it was a unique combination that made it a perfect fit for any "won't fade into the background" project.  The color saturation is delicious, which isn't easy to achieve in an Alpaca/Wool blend.  Designed by Kristen Nichols of Color by Kristin and Kristin Knits, it was lively and joyful without being gaudy and over-the-top.

This tends to happen to all of us: our favorite lipstick shade gets disco-ed, our favorite restaurant closes, our favorite band breaks up - but somehow in knitting it's different.  All those creative possibilities lost - all the unfinished projects and designs - there quickly becomes a community of orphaned artistic projects.  We will move on like we always do, but with a wistful backwards glance at another one of the good ones who went too soon. 

If you're not quite ready to say goodbye, WEBS seems to have a pretty good cache in a variety of colors.  It's on sale for $3.99 per ball here.  Grab what you need, and maybe a little extra, because sadly, this is your last chance.  Rats!

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