Saturday, October 29, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 7 - Xmas Stockings

Family Portrait Stockings

Everyone wants something different in a holiday stocking for looks, but we all want the same thing for function - hold those precious little gifts in a delightful package.  The decor of the recipient's home, their personal style, and of course, your personal style will all go into choosing what stocking is a perfect fit. 

Icicle Stocking
Many years ago we instituted a tradition that any guest in our home during the holidays will receive their own stocking, filled and hung by my fireplace.  Some choose to take them home, but frequent house guests leave them here to be a part of our family display each year. 
Krisitin's Creative Stockings
Mix It Up Stocking
Daydream Stocking
Spindleknitter's Stocking
For a long time, colors that were not part of Normann Rockwell's palette were not considered "holiday" colors.  I'm so glad those days are behind us!  Any of these stockings can be knit in any colors that suit you or your recipient.  Have fun with it, and make each style your own.  Consider some of these for you and your loved ones this season.
Bret's West Coast Stocking

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