Sunday, January 30, 2011

Behind Schedule

I'm in a cold sweat.  I have a lot of winter knitting I've committed to, and winter is winding down faster than I'm knitting. (Didn't I just say last weekend that I wasn't letting the backlog scare me? WRONG!)

The Mr. Mittens are mostly finished.  The Two Color Brioche rib scarf took a back seat to mittens and schoolwork.  My brioche vest is visible as a tiny speck on the horizon, and seems to be getting farther away.

My best friend from childhood is owed gloves.  My daughter helped me design No H8 mittens for herself, and I haven't made them.  I have a class to teach on a sweet, slouchy tam, and haven't chosen yarn or started the project.  (I've made this pattern before, but not for years.) My socks are waiting in my "go" bag, and I treat them like a mistress, a guilty pleasure.

I need to stop committing to projects.  I think I need to write this stuff down, and make much more vague agreements as to when things will be finished.  Of course, then I wouldn't have these adrenalin-creating panic attacks.  Where's the fun in that?

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