Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Patterns for Frigid Monday

It's -7 in Buffalo today, and even the best built houses have a draft here and there on days like this.  Just the thought of going outside makes my teeth chatter!  What better to add to your outfit than a cozy wrap?  Bigger than a scarf, they're the versatile layer that can go with just about any ensemble from suits to jeans.  (Sorry guys, this is a girl thing.)  Here are some patterns I know you'll enjoy:

From Classic Elite Yarns is this beautiful La Gran Stole.  Pick a color, pick a yarn, and knit this up quickly.  The pattern is easy, and the look is elegant in mohair, casual in cotton, and versatile in wool.  Don't let the lacy look fool you; lace can be very warm in mohair or alpaca!

From Naturally Caron is the Santiago Entrelac Shawl.  Thick and cozy, this is a basic entrelac pattern with a beautiful effect.  Make it in the staple colors of your wardrobe for a go-to garment to moderate those drafts.  Make it in a slightly shimmery fabric for a unique evening wrap.  Make it in white mohair or alpaca and it's perfect for a winter bride!

I hear the coffee pot beeping. (Thank you inventors of Mr. Coffee!) Keep busy and stay warm!

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