Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr. Mittens, Cloth/Square, Etsy

I've finished one mitten body of the Manly Mittens I'm making for the Mr.. I am accepting that the decreases in the pattern as written are all one direction, making it easier for a knitter new to colorwork to finish off the shaping and closure of the mitten.  The pattern is not quite maintained for the last 7 rows, and if this is not your preference, you can substitute mirrored increases.  I knit the pattern as written just to see how it looks. For those who are really OCD about patterning, this won't work, but generically I'm impressed that there is as little interruption as there is. 

Keeping in pattern during decreases for new Fair Isle knitters is like trying to put pantyhose on a kitten.  It's not too successful, and everybody loses. This is an ideal solution.  I showed the Mr., and he loves it, insists that it needs a thumb, and never even noticed that the pattern changes a little toward the top.

I've added another baby blanket/dishcloth square to the collection today.  It really takes a long time to get things translated from original drawing to uploaded computer file!  Soon there will also be an Etsy shop will more involved designs available. First, I need to tackle my pharmacology final, though. 

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