Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Famous Sweaters

Charlie Brown
There are several emails and Facebook updates going around with what the authors believe are the most famous sweaters of all time.  I don't particularly agree with their findings, so I thought I'd list my own "famous sweater" listing.

Charlie Brown's yellow sweater

Bert and Ernie
Bert from Sesame Street - love those vertical stripes

Ernie from Sesame Street - ditto those horizontal stripes

All the sweaters in "Zion" in the Matrix movies.  Those perfectly over-worn dropped stitch wonders are fabulous! (Designed and produced by Suss Cousins)

Ward Cleaver's endless array of gray cardigans (They really were gray, right?  Not just because of the B&W tv?)

Matrix Sweater
Tiny hand stitched Coraline sweaters throughout the movie.  (Althea Crome, designer and knitter, is a wonder!)

The Weasley sweater, which will be requested by children forever as they read the Harry Potter series.

LLBean Sweater
The Doug Funnie sweater from the Nickelodeon series "Doug"
Doug Funnie

Cameron Diaz's cabled shawl collared confection in "The Holiday"

The Navy LLBean sweater with the white flecks
Wallace's green vest in the Wallace and Gromit movies.  Let's face it - making a believable sweater out of clay a zillion times for every scene is a feat in itself, and with the sideways knit, it's a real fashion statement.

These are some of my faves.  There are so many!  Whenever I see a tv program or a move with knitwear in it, I focus in like a laser.  Share your favorites with me.  I'd like to know what sweaters you'll never forget, and which ones you love.


Inge said...

what about Mr. Rogers????

Liz Marino said...

Mr. Rogers is a classic, no doubt, but I was trying to feature only sweaters that DIDN'T make the popular list floating around. All of those on the list of 9 Most Famous Sweaters are also great - I just wanted t add some that I thought were snubbed!