Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take a look! A Zoetrope!

This post is an homage to other knitting bloggers, who create a rich and diverse knitting community on the internet.  They allow knitters from small towns to connect with city knitters, international knitters to see what the locals are up to, and for those with truly unusual points of view to share their ideas with mainstream knitters. 

This blog, the Mrs. Cleaver Chronicles, http://mscleaver.com/2011/09/05/introducing-zoetrope/, is one of those unique viewpoints. 

What's a Zoetrope or Zoopraxiscope, the thing this hat celebrates?  It's the photography cousin of a cartoon flip book.  It's a device that shows a series of photos projected through a rotating glass disc to imitate motion.  The viewer looked at the image through a small slit to focus the eye on a specific visual range.  It was a direct forerunner of the movies we see today.  The first images made for a zoopraxiscope were those of a running horse.

The pattern is available on the blog page and on Ravelry.  LOVE IT!  I'm always impressed at the things that inspire knitters to create.  I would never have made this connection, but I'm thrilled that Mrs. Cleaver did.  My inner nerd rejoices!

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