Sunday, September 11, 2011

Winter Olympic Hat Pattern

It's a chilly morning here in Buffalo, NY.  Of course, it's to be expected, but since I missed almost 6 weeks of summer with my son at the Cleveland Clinic, in my head it's still the beginning of August!

Well, the son is home.  There's lots of medical attention in his future, but we're back in Buffalo as our home base.  And so, as I went out on the porch with my morning coffee today, I realized that it's time to start knitting fall and winter things so they'll be finished by the time the snow flies.  This is definitely a mixed blessing.  I love winter knits, but still miss the idea of summer evenings on the porch knitting up tees and shawls and other warm weather wear.

I sorted through some of my favorite winter patterns, and it cheered me up entirely.  So much cool stuff, so little time!  Take this hat.  It's a version of the Ralph Lauren-designed US Winter Olympic Team 2010 hat, designed by Helena Bristow ( and shared free of charge.  It's so much fun!  There is plenty of detail, including little American flags on the band, reindeer and pine trees on the main, and mountains and snowflakes on the top.  It's challenging enough to be interesting without being obnoxiously fussy.  You have to be a Ravelry member to get this pattern, and if you're not already a member this is an excellent reason to join.  (Ravelry is also FREE!)  Goodbye until next March, spring and summer knits.  I'll be okay after all.

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