Monday, February 7, 2011

Digital Chain Stitch Mittens

This is the last if the Mitered top mittens for awhile.  The remaining mittens I intend to post are conventional tops.  These were designed and knit for my son a few years ago, when he was big on Legos and computer games.  Naturally, now that I want a photo of them, he can't find them.  (I've learned, no mittens for teens until after  the pictures!)  I made them in black and a vivid blue.  They are slightly different dimensions from the last couple of pairs, being slightly longer and wider. 

Materials: Size 5 needles
Cascade Yarns 220 Worsted Wool

White - Main Color
Dark Grey - Contrast Color

Makes Men's Medium mittens. For smaller or larger size, decrease or increase needle size respectively.

Medium Grey and white - Rib stitch in Contrast Color

Cast on 52 st in contrast color and work ribbing as indicated, or three inches.  In the solid color row before the main mitten pattern, increase one stitch every 4 stitches 12 times, then knit remaining 4 stitches.  64 sts.

This pattern is designed in the round, with a mitered top and a mitered afterthought thumb.  It can be worked flat, using the edges of the pattern for seaming.

The pattern for the back and front of the thumb is the same, so it is listed only once above.  Remember to use the Right thumb chart for the right mitten and the Left for the left!  (I've had to rip back a couple of thumbs for this reason, and it makes me crazy!) The blue lines on the palm of the mitten body represent where to knit with scrap yarn for thumb placement. 

If your mitten recipient has longer hands or thumbs than the chart indicates, repeat the existing graph to add length.  If you need help modifying the pattern, please write, and I will send you a customized graph!  

Happy knitting!

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