Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dishcloth/Washcloth Battles

I knit washcloths.  I know several other people who knit washcloths.  I use them as bathing tools, particularly for facewashing.  I like the way they exfoliate gently, and the organic cotton I use feels "healthy" somehow.  I tend to use washable microfiber cloths and sponges for housework. It works for me.

I know other people who do not use washcloths of any kind for bathing, and use their knitted washcloths to wash dishes, wipe children's faces, clean counters and minor spills, and even to wipe down their bathroom.  They have decided which textures best suit their needs, and they are happy.

Then there's that third group of people whom I don't really understand.  They not only don't use washcloths, they are ANTI washcloth.  These are the people who "would never use a dishcloth.  GERMS!"  Really?  (OK washcloth people, settle down.  The Anti's will get theirs in a second.)  They are washable, like your dish and bath towels.  You can wash them after every use, or every day, or as often as you like.  You can use anti-bacterial cleaners.  You can bleach them.  Assuming that because they exist in someone's home they must be germ-infested colonies of the plague is a little extreme.  These same Anti people are reasonable about other things.  They do not change their sheets every morning.  They do not store their toothbrushes in bottles of mouthwash.  They do not wash their hats and gloves more than once a season. 

I'm surprised by the intensity of the judgement, and think everybody needs to calm the heck down.  One can only surmise that these germless women are the same women who understand how men think, are immune to the powers of chocolate, and whose children start performing charity work in the womb.  I don't get it.

If you love making washcloths, make 'em.  If you love using washcloths, use 'em.  If you think they're a terrible idea, don't make 'em or use 'em.  And if you use 'em and don't wash 'em for weeks at a time, change your ways.  That's just gross!  OK?  Move on.

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