Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Spring Baby Sweater

It's been a long time since I've featured baby clothes.  I've been too focused on the Mitten Project!  Sorry!  It's time to remedy that.  This sweater, Baby Pullover-Cardigan, is by Claudia Olson.  It's about the most joyful baby sweater I've seen in ages!  The combo of the pattern and the colorway combine for a fabulous effect.  And Ms. Olson is generous enough to offer this patten, and several others, free of charge.  (Thank you very much!)

This sweater can be knit as a cardi or as a pullover, and changing the colorway makes it a pretty versatile piece if you're into a more subdued palette. (Seriously, though, it's fun to find a variegated yarn based on the most common colors in your child's wardrobe.  Then they can wear it with everything, and it doesn't have to be a neutral solid.)  Knit side to side, it makes an easy project for even a very new knitter.  If you haven't knit a garment side to side, try it!  It offers very cool design possibilities.

As every mom knows, finding a spring sweater that your child doesn't want to play with or take off is a real coup.  That makes the fact hat this can be a pullover or a cardi a huge benefit.  (Pullovers are much harder to take off!)  If you choose to make it, let Claudia know on Ravelry.  I'm sure she'd enjoy seeing your photos!

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