Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knitting Hiatus

The last couple of days when I move to pick up my knitting, I'm draw instead to putting more of my designs into the computer.  I think I may have just been knitting more than I realized, and with knitting being the same focal length as studying, I just can't take it.  This happens from time to time, and I let it take its course.  It always wears off, usually in under a week.

I did get Analisa and her hands to try on the cuff of the NoH8 mittens, and they fit well.  What a relief!  No takers on the yet-to-be-frogged Guinan hat.  It's a shame.  It really is cute!

Today I entered a Dog Cloth/Square.  I had a German Shepherd in mind when I drew it.  I mention this because the picture looks more random.  It looks like this:

As is usually the case, cast on 38.  Grey  = Knit on RS, Purl on WS  White = Purl on RS, Knit on WS.  Size US 7 needles in worsted, size US 5 in DK.   Enjoy!

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