Friday, February 25, 2011

Kids' Earth Day Tote - Freebie Friday

Relating to the theme that I haven't been posting nearly enough patterns for babies and children, here's one from Lion Brand Yarn.  The Kids' Earth Day Tote is adorable and functional.  An added benefit is that it's from Lion Brand's By Kids For Kids program, meaning that the pattern was designed by a child for other child knitters.  It's made from cotton, so it's soft and durable, and there is no concern about the knitting provoking an allergic reaction.  Imagine your child bringing a tote they made to school, camp, or a sleepover!  It would be a pretty cool show and tell item, too.

This would be a great Mom & Me project for a family of knitters.  Each could make a tote of appropriate size to their needs.  The Mom part of the project could easily be the Windy City Tote.  It's bigger, of course, but it might take about the same amount of time for an adult as the Kids' Tote take for the child.  Mom's tote is made of wool and then felted, making another stron and durable piece.  The knitting skills are similar, and both incorporate stripes.  Choose related colorways, and you're on you way!

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