Saturday, October 9, 2010

All I Really Do Is Knitting

I have an allergy to wool, which makes it more difficult for me to buy yarns than the wool-tolerant folks. (As the granddaughter of dairy farmers, I'm also lactose intolerent. My luck runs to the ironic.) Fortunately for me, most "superwash" wools cause me to react very little, so I can knit with them for other people. Otherwise, there is a lot of Alpaca, Cotton, and Silk in my knitting life.

So, at the moment I'm making the Mr. a pair of socks with a fabulous yarn called Nichole by Schaefer Yarns (80% extrafine merino wool superwash/20% nylon, 405yds over 5oz.) I'm about 70% through with them, and love the yarn so much I've bought two more skeins to make more projects! I know I will use and love other yarns, but it feels like when you get towards the end of a really good novel and you don't want the story to end. More later, with photos to follow.

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