Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Late For School

This morning I  awoke to a knocking at my bedroom door.  My teenage daughter stood there, frustrated that her school bus hadn't come.  This has been an intermittent problem this year.  She wanted me to give her a ride.  The steps were cold on my bare feet as I came donwstairs to assess the situation.  The clock read 7:08.  She could easily make it if she walked.  Her response to this suggestion was that it was too cold.  It was 52 degrees. 

"Dont you have a warmer coat?"

"They're at Daddy's."

"A hat or mittens?" I thought this was really a stretch, but if she's cold, she's cold.


I have knit this child several hats, multiple mittens, a  few scarves, and more.  Her father has purchased several from the store.  She has more winter accessories than most people have socks.  I heaved a sigh of frustration and mild sleepiness.  Then I dug in the closet and gave her a pair of my fair isle mittens.  She went off to walk to school, and I immediately started to wonder whether my handmade mittens would end up in the same black hole as all her other missing accessories.  It's frustrating.  After school today she'll be digging out all her "missing" knitwear so she won't have to borrow from me anymore.  I should photograph it just to prove to myself that it exists, and that I didn't hallucinate it all.  I can give her the picture the next time she tells me she doesn't have any hats or mittens. 

By the way, I talked to the school.  She was late today.  AAAAAARGH!


MissColleen said...

Does this surprise you???

Liz Marino said...

It shouldn't, but yes, it does. I'll learn!