Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Ready For Class

Simple Texting Mitts class tomorrow. We're working in the round, but straights with seams are possible. Worsted weight and 7s are the order of the day. I have four teens at home and all three girls LOVE these! No fingers or thumb tips make these an easy first mitten pattern, as there is minimal shaping involved. Just make that thumb and you're home free!

Next week is Marvelous Minis. I'm collecting some simple miniature patterns to use. Minis are fun because you use/learn all the skills for a full sized garment, but you use a fraction of the yarn and the time. I enjoy using leftovers from favorite skeins of yarn again, and the little creations always get comments. I'm offering mittens and socks... Pictures will follow, I promise.

It's very hit or miss whether I'll have students. Eight students came to Easy Entrelac, but none came to a basic swirl cap in the round. I was in Northampton, MA over the weekend, and there are two shops there getting $15 -$20 bucks a class, 1-2 classes per week, and they are often full classes. Here in Buffalo, NY I charge $5, and it's totally hit or miss. (Since most patterns are original, and the class runs 2 hours, it's quite a deal!) Sometimes I schedule classes that have been requested a few times and get no one. Sometimes I schedule things that just pop into my head and they're overfull. Will you be there tomorrow?

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