Sunday, October 10, 2010

November Knit Along

I started writing patterns for a monthly dishcloth/blanket square knit along two Karma-Knitting-Shop newsletters back, and have been really surprised and pleased with the results. September was a Dragonfly, and October was a Happy Skull. My goal is to make something cheerful, seasonal, and secular for each month.

I finished the chart for the November Knit Along yesterday. (It's a "slice of pie" square!) I still have to knit a sample to confirm the pattern. Modern technology has made the whole process pretty easy, as I just print out scaled knitting graph paper and transfer my design to the "pixels". ( But since knit stiches are not really neat rectangles, the knitted result doesn't always live up to the sketch. If the sample is good, step three will be typing it up, as our group seems to prefer written patterns to charts.

In the Karma department, I awoke coughing and sneezing today. When I came downstairs I discovered that my dog has learned a new game. He pulls the Kleenex out of the box one at a time! Once he has made a little pile of them, he chews them until they're pulpy, and then repeats. Interesting that he chose to learn this trick just when I really NEED those Kleenexes...

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