Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holiday Knitting

If you haven't discovered it yet, you really should look at Knitty, an online knitting magazine with free patterns and articles for knitters of most levels. This season, as with most, they have fabulous patterns and articles. The Queen City Mitts are a good example. They are an excellent first or second cable pattern for the new cable knitter. There are only a few cable crosses (5 I think), and the finished garment is beautiful and unusual. For more experienced knitters, it's a great pattern to add to your holiday gift pattern list.

Speaking of holiday knitting, I'm behind. Yes, I have been studying too much and knitting too little (depending on your priorities) and the socks for the Mr. are still not done. I'm also working on a Christmas stocking pattern to teach for a class at Karma. It's a modification of one I've made before, and I want it to be fast and painless for the students, while still creating an attractive product.

What are you working on for your holiday projects? Is this your first year making knitted gifts, or are you an old hand? Do you have any favorite holiday patterns? Share them! Thanks.

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