Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High End Fibers

Why are high end fibers sold in such small skeins? 80yds doesn't seem like nearly enough to accomplish most projects, right? A sweater usually runs 1400-2500 yards in worsted or DK. More common fibers come in skeins of 200yds and more.

Smaller skeins mean you have to buy more of them to complete a project. But you can buy closer to the exact amount you need. If you're paying $60 for 80yds of cashmere, you don't want to buy much overage! If you're making a project that requires 1100yds of fiber, in wool you'd buy 6 200yd skeins and end up with 100yds left over. In cashemere, you'd buy 14 skeins, but you'd only have 20yds left over. At cashmere prices, less left over is more appealing. Who wants to spend that much money on extra?

One thing that makes these small skeins really cool is that you can use luxury fibers as accents (collar and cuffs, for example) or for small accessories without the large investment involved in a whole sweater. They also make great yarns for gifts or gift projects. Try 'em next time you're in the mood for a splurge.

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