Sunday, October 24, 2010

Great Free Slipper Pattern

I got up this morning to discover that my dog had eaten one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  I hate shopping for anything but yarn, so I am deeply bummed that I need to replace these!  Since I don't know how to knit shoes, the shopping seems inevitable.

There is one bit of bright side here, though.  It got me to thinking seriously about what makes a good slipper.  (It's a footwear thought process...)  First, it would be one my dog would never be tempted to eat.  Second, it would be really comfy but durable.  Third, I would be able to knit it from my stash.  This pattern from Crystal Palace yarns for Perky Puffin Slippers almost escaped my notice because I thought it would look like the bird puffin.  Thankfully it does not.  These slipper sox are lovely, and suitable for man or woman depending on the color used.  I think if I make them I'll put a vinyl sole on them.  Leather seems a little too tempting to my four-legged friend...

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