Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

It's Colombus Day. Whether you believe Colombus merits a holiday or not, most of the rest of us deserve the day off, so I'll take it.

I was the shop "Knit Doctor" yesterday, and had a woman with several questions. Write a pattern for an existing Mobius Cowl she had brought in with her. Okay. How to fix errors in her cast on row in a blanket without ripping out all the subsequent rows. (You can't, but some will become unnoticeable during the blocking process.) Correct some stitches she had purled when she should have knit them. I did, and taught her how. Pick up some dropped stitches. I did. I helped intermittently for 2 hours, and she walked out without paying. Didn't buy yarn, tools, or anything else. Just ate snacks, was served coffee, got her questions answered and didn't pay the $5 fee. She was easily 65 years old, well dressed, with expensive jewelry, and even mentioned the fee shortly before leaving. What is that? I may make it a policy to tackle people on their way out the door and wrestle them for the fee! (Whose Karma would that be?)

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