Friday, October 22, 2010


Yesterday was my 3rd wedding anniversary, and it was lovely. I aced an exam, hung out with my knitting, and had a beautiful romantic dinner with the Mr. to top it all off. Was it made better because Mr. was wearing the socks I knitted for him? Let's just say it didn't hurt.

I finished cabled mitt number 1 for my daughter, and continue to love both the pattern and the yarn. Cascade Greenland really rocks for garments you need to be durable. This isn't a super soft yarn, but it's totally not itchy, really high twist with nice loft, and gorgeous stitch definition.  The new mitt is on the top, my old one is on the bottom, both in Greenland.
I'm a bit behind where I want to be on the holiday knitting front, mostly because I keep adding things to the list (like cabled mitts for my daughter). And that I'm not a really fast knitter. And that two knitting hours a day is maybe less than I need. And I mostly want to make things with a zillion stitches, like socks. I need to sleep less or plan better. Plan better. Karma is biting my gift-giving butt!

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